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Les Guénins

Charming guest house at the gates of Sologne welcomes you for your stays (overnight stays, weekends, holidays) from May 1 to October 31.

Home description

The name « Les Guenins » or « Dwarf Ford » comes from the wading across the swampy Machau pond.
Les Guenins in Gien, Loiret :
In the 17th and 18th century were both a hospice and a hospital welcoming not only the sick but also the needy.
Sold in 1820, LES GUENINS became a farm with a cattle farm.
Today, LES GUENINS restored with materials from Sologne, in the style of a longhouse of yesteryear this charming house welcomes you in a bucolic setting surrounded by meadows, woods and cultivated fields for a relaxing stay in its beautiful guest rooms.
Nestled in a peaceful green setting 5 mm from the town of Gien, this beautiful escape is a pleasant break, a haven of peace in this « stressfull world » !
LES GUENINS (acquired in 1985) an old farmhouse renovated in Sologne tradition while preserving the half-timbering the devocote, the bricks, the exposed famework, the old terracotta tiles or parquet flooring in the rooms.
The warm decoration is a mixture of objects furniture found in the markets,cheerful, flowery and relaxing fabrics…All that makes this atypical side of the house.
Another building being restored serves as a hunting lodge. During the winter season, the courtyard is full of cars and dogs coming to hunt in the 173 acres property. An adjoining stable houses two horses.


Les Guenins, an old farmhouse renovated in Sologne tradition, quiet, 5 minutes from downtown Gien by car.
Ideally located, near the highway A77 (Paris-Nevers) and the train station from downtown Gien.
The town of Gien offers many stores, department stores, restaurants, fast-foods and others activities.
Eartheware factory, International Hunting Museum, Anne de Beaujeu church, Castle of Gien (XIVe century), banks of the Loire, restaurants, cinema, canoe trips, « La Loire à Vélo » (cycling itinerary alongside the Loire), Briare canal (built by Eiffel).
Heritage of UNESCO, the Val de Loire of which Gien is a part is ideally located at 1h30 from Paris, 1h from Orléans, 1h from Bourges and the castles of the Loire : Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau, the mini-castles of the Loire in Amboise and many other situated within at 74 to 93 miles.
- North : Paris Fontainebleau
- North West : Orléans and the castles of The Loire
- South East : Lamotte Beuvron Equestrian National Park – The Sologne
- South : Bourges and Jacques Cœur road, hikes, Sancerre and Chavignol crottins
- North East : Castle of St Fargeau, medieval site of Guedelon, animal park of Boutissaint, Basilica of Vezelay and culinary specialities.


In Les Guenins, you will be welcomed by Hermione, 6 years old sand labrador who are happy hostesse who love strokes, affectionate attentions, bringing her toy to welcome you.
And then, Secotine, the house cat who walks from room to room and who – like all felines won’t let you come close before sometime lent will them come to get her strokes.
In the stable two horses : a trotting horse named Didou and a female pony pottock (pony from the Basque country) called Marely who live their life in their three meadows.
Attached to the hunting lodge, is the chicken coop (6 hens and 3 dwarf roosters) with the name of our political leaders… But bush !!! I will reveal them to you during your stay.
Two white geese enjoy gossiping and are happy to see visitors. All these little people can be noisy at down which makes the exclusive charm of our beautiful countryside.


Your host

Danielle, your host.

Teacher in elementary school for 38 years, now retired, I take full care of my house and its surroundings.
I love animals, especially dogs and horses.
I practice a lot of activities : sport in the sport area with different coachs or jogging in my property with Hermione.
I used to ride my horses … but no more… since my accident in Argentina. During a trekking, I fell down and now, I have problems with my right hand…. And I am right –handed!!!!
Passionate about tennis, I love going to Roland Garros every year.
I managed with success the following challenge : playing tennis with the left hand …..more precisely, playing every shot with two hands. So, every week, my coach Florentin teaches me how to recupe complety.
Unfortunately, the competition for me is over, I can’t serve no longer.
An other passion that I share with my best friend Catherine is travelling. I have discovered Japan, Argentina, Namibia and last year, Peru, Chili and Eastern Island. Fabulous!! How wonderful it was!!!Simply fantastic!!!